Alano have designed and constructed approximately 28 wastewater treatment plants,
currently operate approximately 21 wastewater treatment facilities on behalf of regional councils
and own and operate 3 sewer networks.

Alano Water
Clare WWTP
Clare Effluent Reuse System
Riverton WWTP
Saddleworth WWTP
Balaklava WWTP and associated water re-use infrastructure
Snowtown WWTP and associated water re-use infrastructure
Hamley Bridge WWTP and associated water re-use infrastructure
Port Wakefield WWTP
Blyth WWTP Upgrade
North Shore (Wallaroo) CWMS (Owned by Alano Utilities)
Riley Cove Pump Stations and associate infrastructure
Tea Tree Gully CWMS (Class A Treatment Plant) - design, construct, commission and currently offers ongoing engineering support
Eudunda WWTP, Pump Stations and collection system
Eudunda Effluent Reuse System & Disposal
Burra WWTP
Burra Effluent Disposal Irrigation System
Loxton WWTP & sludge receival station
Oaklands Park Aquifer Storage & Recovery
Brukunga Mine
SA Water - Pipeline survey, Engineering and inspection and reporting of 190km of above ground pipeline
SA Water - Design, Construct the Chemical & Safety Upgrades to various WTP
Numerous residential & commercial water & wastewater "on site" systems

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Wastewater Treatment Plants
This project involved the extensive design and construction of wastewater treatment plants across four townships.  The project included design and construction of sewage pumps stations and their associated rising mains as well as the design and installation effluent reuse distribution pipe network throughout the towns.  Alano is currently operating and maintaining the four systems and is involved in overseeing the effective maintenance works for the council.
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Wastewater Treatment Plant & Associated Pump Stations
Commissioned by the Clare & Gilbert Valleys Council, Alano Water has designed and constructed three waste water treatment plants, sewerage and effluent reuse pumps stations.  All systems involved the treatment of wastewater and effluent reuse to irrigate recreational areas within the town.  In addition, developing a Trade Waste Policy for the council, Alano Water has also entered into a contract to operate and maintain the town’s treatment plants and network pump stations.
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Waste Water Treatment Plant
Alano Water designed and constructed the wastewater treatment plant and pump station for the township of Loxton.  The project included: stormwater harvesting and combining with treated effluent and reuse to irrigate recreation areas. In addition, Alano Water designed and project managed the installation of the irrigation system through the township. Alano Water is also currently operating the Loxton township wastewater treatment plant. This project received the Australian Water Association 2011 SA Program Innovation Award
for water proofing the Loxton township.
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Waste Water Treatment Plant
Alano Water was commissioned by the Tea Tree Gully Council to design, construct, operate and maintain the Tea Tree Gully Waste Water Treatment Plant to produce Class A effluent having a minimum of 5.5Log virus reduction. The process comprises of primary and secondary treatment to produce Class B effluent followed by tertiary treatment to produce a minimum 5.5log reduction.  Tertiary treatment comprises of sand filtration, ultra filtration, UV disinfection followed by chlorine disinfection.  The plant is capable of treating a current sewage load of 1. 1ML/day with capability to increase to 1.6ML/day.
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Motor vessel pump station
Walker Flat is a receival station for collection of waste for river vessels. The site treats liquid waste onsite, with the final treated wastewater being transferred to irrigate a surrounding tree lot. The project comprised of the installation of jetty pylons, a floating mooring, land-based solids collection, irrigation, rising mains and liquid wastewater treatment plant.