S.I.C. Australia Pty Ltd is a joint venture company between Alano and SIC Divisione Elettronica srl.

By building upon the strength of its parent companies, S.I.C. Australia is based on the principles of high level service, quality and leading-edge technology for the future in the field of water and energy.

SIC Divisione Elettronica srl is a technology manufacturing company based in Lecce, Italy. Their highly innovative technology, instrumentation and products service the marine, construction and water industries. They pride themselves in being market leaders in cost effective manufacturing and technology. Over the years SIC Divisione Elettronica have developed and implemented numerous products with dozens of international patents.

SIC Divisione Elettronica and Alano bring together our design, manufacturing and operational excellence, combined with our strong impetus to create strategic and innovative solutions for the future of the water and energy industry.

The Purpose of this Joint Venture

With the support from the South Australian Government, this joint venture has been established to offer the leading-edge product range of SIC Divisione Elettronica to the Australian market.

S.I.C. Australia Pty Ltd is offering a wide range of high quality electronic equipment and also new innovative energy solutions, including the Hybrid Solar Panel.

A key objective of S.I.C. Australia is to establish local Australian manufacturing, research and development activities. S.I.C. Australia Pty Ltd is currently seeking locations where such facilities would be best suited.

Our strong determination will be the driving force behind the knowledge required, not only for the development of products, but also in creating a team capable of developing new projects that respond effectively to the needs of Australians.

Our principal objective is to be centred in people’s hearts: to provide solutions to their needs.

Projects being developed by S.I.C. Australia

Hybrid Solar Project

Currently S.I.C. Australia Pty Ltd is seeking interest for a site location for the first Australian Hybrid Solar Project. The Hybrid Photovoltaic Solar Panel, which is a high quality European made product, is excellent value for money as well as higher amounts of energy produced than traditional products.

R&D Projects

SIC Divisione Elettronica srl & Alano together via this joint venture collaboration are currently researching and developing:
• New visual alarm system for sewer systems
• Water treatment systems
• Portable Fuel Tanks for the civil construction industry
• Design and development of a solar desalination pump
• Production in South Australia of innovative electronic components such as: Hybrid solar panel, inverter, smart pump with size memory etc.