Alano Utilities is the local sewerage network provider for North Shores Wallaroo and a growing number of developments in South Australia.

As a South Australian owned and operated company, we pride ourselves in being a responsive, community-focussed and efficient utility serving the best interests of the local residents and the environment.

If you have recently purchased land or property in a community that is serviced by Alano Utilities or would like to connect, please contact our office for any further information. The direct email for Alano Utilities office is

Alano Utilities has a number of Fees and Charges associated with the management of sewerage system. To adopt a consistent system throughout South Australia, Alano Utilities sewerage fees and charges are modelled on that used by SA Water for country sewerage systems.

In line with the encumbrance on the title of your property Alano Utilities, as the local service provider, levies rates on all properties in line with SA Water country tariff.

As applied by SA Water, all properties that have access to the sewage system, including vacant land, are required to pay sewerage rates.

Sewerage rates are payable on any land that can be connected to a sewer main, whether or not the property is connected to the sewerage system.

Sewerage rates are based on the capital value of the property determined by the State Valuation Office and the Valuer-General on 1 July each year.

Country Sewerage Rates are calculated as a percentage of the capital value of the property or the declared minimum rate, whichever is the greater:

-       Residential:  $0.37300 per $1000 of property value
-       Non-residential: $0.450250 per $1000 of property value

The current minimum rate for 2016-2017 is $76.75 per quarter or $307.00 per annum.