Through our international partnerships, Alano is proud to offer custom and standardised on-grid and off-grid energy solutions.

Biogas in Australia,

With the abundance of agricultural resources in Australia combined with a burgeoning need for efficient renewable energy for the industry sector, there exists a readily available source of clean, easily-controlled energy in the form of biogas. The biogas process uses anaerobic digestion of organic waste biomass to produce electrical and thermal energy. The resulting by-product can then be utilised for a number of industrial applications. Alano is working with international companies at the forefront of biogas technology in order to develop specialised design and implementation of biogas plants.
hybrid solar

Alano is excited to be able to offer to the Australian market a unique hybrid solar voltaic cell, as well as other innovative products via a joint venture collaboration with SIC Divisione Elettronica srl. The hybrid solar module is innovative in its thermo-photovoltaic ability to simultaneously produce both electricity and thermal energy, as well as the option of an embedded concentrator that can significantly increase performance. Italian-made with over a dozen international patents and approvals, the hybrid thermal/electric cell produces an energy output that outperforms conventional photovoltaic systems. For further information on these or any of the other alternative energy products or instruments please visit
SIC Divisione Elettronica.